Category: Health

  • Celebrating Nurses Week 💕

    Organised annually by the International Council of Nurses, International Nurses Week celebrates the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world. May 12 has a very strong significance, being the birthday of perhaps the world’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale. Alongside the encouragement of a fully deserved congratulations owed to nurses. Happy Nurses Week […]

  • World Health Day- Our Planet, Our Health!

    The theme of World Health Day 2022 is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’. Are we able to re-imagine a world where clean air, water and food are available to all? Where economies are focused on health and well-being? Where cities are liveable and people have control over their health and the health of the planet? In […]

  • World Autism Awareness Day!

    Autism spectrum disorder is a condition that affects how the brain functions. It affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them. A person who has autism is said to have ASD. This is because the symptoms of autism can vary […]

  • National High Blood Pressure Education Month

    For most people, a normal blood pressure is less than 120/80.

  • Mental Health Awareness Month!

    Your mental health matters!