International Men’s Day: Helping Men and Boys!

Every year on November 19, the world celebrates International Men’s Day. This day raises awareness of the social issues that men and boys face and recognizes their accomplishments in the economic, social, cultural, and political spheres.

In order to reinforce the objectives of the IMD, this special day is held in place by six pillars.

The following are the six pillars of International Men’s Day:

1. To promote positive male role models, not just actors and athletes, but ordinary, working-class men who live decent, honest lives.

2. To recognize men’s positive contributions to society, community, family, marriage, childcare, and the environment.

3. To concentrate on men’s health and well-being on all levels: social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

4. To highlight discrimination against men in social services, social attitudes and expectations, and the law.

5. To promote gender equality and better gender relations.

6. To make the world a better place for people to live in safety and grow to their full potential.

Each year, in addition to these pillars, a theme is chosen. This year’s theme is “Helping Men and Boys!”

The theme for this year serves as a reminder to all women and girls that, regardless of their age, race, culture, or background, the men and boys in our lives and those around us need our support and reassurance that they can rely on us as mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and daughters.

We value your positive contributions to the world, families, and communities, and we are committed to promoting your well-being at all times.

Today, Nikkyosblog honors all the amazing men who make life worth living, whether they are fathers, husbands, brothers, friends, or sons.

Happy International Men’s Day!

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How to Plan Your Day to Stay Healthy

How to Plan Your Day to Stay Healthy

Ever wished there was a simple, straightforward manual for organizing your day so you can be productive, successful, and in shape?

Take this article with you!

  1. Think in advance.
    • Spend 10 minutes in the evening planning your next day
    • Schedule your workouts and other activities using a tool like Google Calendar.
    • Set the alarm for the upcoming activities.
  2. Warm up immediately after you wake up.
    • Start your day doing some jumping jacks, pushups, body weight squats, and arm and leg swings for 10 – 15 minutes.
  3. Eat a wholesome breakfast.
    • Eat a balanced diet.
    • Eat what is good for you
    • Eat sufficiently
  4. Bring your own snacks with you.
    • Instead of eating less healthy foods, keep a healthy snack on hand at all times.
    • These would include carrots, nuts, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits.
  5. Work in short bursts.
    • Work for 50 minutes.
    • Have a 10 minutes breakWork for another 50 minutesHave a 30 minutes break
    • Repeat
  6. Exercise before lunch.
    • Aim for 30 minutes of exercise before lunch three times a week.
  7. Do something completely different to unwind.
    • You could unwind by spending time with your friends, children, spouse, or simply playing with your dog.
    • Do something completely different every time!
  8. Prepare your food in advance.
    • This is best done in the morning or evening.

NB: Tailor each piece of advice here to your specific lifestyle.

Did you say thank you?

Well, you are welcome!

Have a lovely day.

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Accept criticism with an open mind- Joy Ogbekene

The Voice-Over Priestess.

Joy Ogbekene joins us today on Nikkyo’s blog. Joy Ogbekene is a voice-over artist, singer, and multi-talented individual. In the last 15 years and counting, she has been blessing the world with her voice. Come along as we have a beautiful conversation with her…

  1. How did your journey into voice acting begin?

“I have always loved broadcasting. I’ve also always had a love for music.

I’ve always been drawn to art. I used to want to be a graphic artist.

Then it evolved into being a broadcaster. I just knew I enjoyed properly pronouncing words…

I enjoyed pretending that I was on the radio!”

            “I recall telling a classmate at the University of Lagos that I wanted to work in broadcasting at one point.

Then, one of them took me seriously and told his colleague at the Radio Nigeria Training School, who actually came to look for me.

In all honesty, I am still in doubt that it was me he came to look for…

Even better, he auditioned me on the spot. He asked me to pronounce the word (ONE), which I did, then corrected me and told me not to worry and that I could come over to Radio Nigeria’s studios.

It was then that I began doing small gigs and segments on the radio.”

  1. What was the defining moment for you in your career?

It was back when I was just starting out and still getting my bearings.

There was this product, Tura. Tura medicated soap. They needed someone to make the announcement, and here I was, a newbie still trying to learn! They gave the script to me and two other established voice-over artists to audition for.

They were interested in determining who had the best feel. As I recall, the other ladies had already gone through the audition process, but when it was my turn, I was experiencing stage fright. But then I remembered something a senior female co-worker once told me.

She advised me to stop trying to be perfect all the time and to simply be myself. I was constantly falling into that trap, but I remembered her words and snapped back to reality.

Then I walked up to the microphone, kept it natural, and as soon as I was finished, the producer simply said, “That’s it!”

My confidence has grown since that day, and I continue to hone my craft.

  1. What is a typical day like for you?


When I’m not doing voice-overs, I’m researching content. For the most part, I’m working on becoming more creative. I’m always looking for ways to improve my creativity.

In addition, I enjoy watching and learning from the younger voice actors. Saying that voice-overs and content creation are my life would be the absolute truth.

  1. What is your most exciting and least exciting gig?

I guess my most exciting job would be my first international job. I couldn’t believe I had created that advertisement. The company I auditioned for went so far as to look for me and message me on Facebook.

I believe my least favourite job would be one of those where the pay was not commensurate with the amount of work I did, or perhaps one involving a difficult client.

  1. What woman inspires you?

There is this woman, whom I refer to as the voice-over matriarch—Mrs. Daphne Roberts ( NKA, Mrs. Daphne Ben Okagbwe).

She is a voice-over artist. I believe she began doing voice-overs in the 1970s.

You may not be aware, but she was the voice in the Bournvita vitality commercial. She is an inspiration to me in my line of work.

Mrs. Ceelo Bankole is another. She is the voice behind most Shoprite ads. You’ll be pleased to learn that she is the same person who advised me to keep my English voicing deliveries natural.

  1. What is the one quote that inspires you?

“You rest when you die!”

Move on! Don’t stop. Be consistent and never stop…

  1. What words of wisdom do you have for aspiring voice actors, especially among our female readers?

Be tenacious!

Nobody hates you, so accept criticism with an open mind.

  • Continue to work on yourself on a daily basis.

Regardless of my experience, I do one voiceover every day.

  • Be mindful of God’s grace.

Without God’s grace, I could not have accomplished what I did.

Joy Ogbekene’s voice can currently be heard in several commercials, including those for the MTN MOMO Wallet, The Real Housewives of Lagos, and the Maggi Chop and Win Promo.

She most recently won the APVA award for best audiobook performance in 2022.

Nikkyosblog specially appreciates Joy Ogbekene for her time and for sharing a lot with us in this session.
You can follow her on Instagram @joyogbekenevo 💕

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Welcome to November ❤

Welcome to November!

This month is even about to get better!

It’s Eleven times the fight!

Eleven times the growth!

Eleven times you’re rising from that fall!

Cheers to better days!

Happy new month from all of us at Nikkyo’s blog ❤


Love Is Never Pain

He’s a weak man
She’d loved him too quickly
She stoops and stops for him always
And yet he mouths off?
He wants respect
Claims he deserves it.
How are you never enough and still want more?
I’m a lady, I hit him because he made me mad.
Well, he wouldn’t hit back cos he knows better!
He needs reminding
I deserve respect.
Why wouldn’t he just stay humble
when everything else about him is less than humiliating?

He is only human
but she would test the patience of an angel.
He didn’t mean to hit her
She never knows her place.
A man has his pride
She seeks only ways to trample on his.
And lord knows he tries.
It wasn’t in his nature to be unkind
But what would you expect from an unnurtured nature?
It was alright to be right when she is not.
Her rights are gifts of his benevolence.
A gracious benefactor, she lives plentifully through him.
Why bother to be anything but fashioned after his passion?
He is ‘lord, owner, and nurturer.’
And Lord knows he is gracious!

The trauma is not you,
The past was never meant for the present
Neither does the one held down by it.

Redemption, healing, and hope live only in being present
in the presence of a longing for life
a life lived for self then selflessly
in the security of the loving and loved.
Love is never pain.