Honour Your Parents!

Someone said to me, parents don’t make mistakes because they don’t care but because they care so deeply. Being a parent means loving your children more than you’ve ever loved yourself. Parenting is the biggest sacrifice one can make. It’s putting your life on hold to fulfil the promise of your children’s tomorrows. Don’t annoy your parents in order to please other people. Those people did not spend their lives building yours. Sometimes we forget to be grateful for the things that really matter. Appreciate your parents and treat your parents with loving care.

I thank God that I’m a product of my parents. To Captain and Mrs Omotosho, Thank you for being such wonderful parents. I’m so grateful for you both. I appreciate all you do for me. Thanks for all the sacrifices you’ve made. I pray that I, my siblings and your grandchildren will continue to be a source of Joy to you both. May the Lord bless you both with good health and long life. I love you both to the moon and back. Mom and Dad, you are the best!



8 thoughts on “Honour Your Parents!

  1. parents are given the world’s most popular but unpredictable job known to man. Our parents don’t have a manual book for raising a responsible and successful child, they only had to make, adjust and change the rules as we grow so love them more for all the times you thought they made your life very difficult.
    More blessings for the children that gives their parents the best of care in the old age.

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