Take Criticism Seriously, But Not Personally

“Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.” – Hillary Clinton


By nikkyosblog

My name is Adenike Omotosho. I have an unflinching vigour to inspire other women. I do this by celebrating the lives of phenomenal women around the world.
I believe as a woman I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I want every woman out there to equally realise they are special and wonderful.
I also believe in sharing knowledge to impact my readers cut across gender. Therefore, men would benefit from the other sections on the blog and they could even get motivated by the profiles of the phenomenal women.
Once again, welcome to Nikkyosblog where you get inspiration to aspire. Please do subscribe and do leave a comment. Thank you!🤗

4 replies on “Take Criticism Seriously, But Not Personally”

when ever all you hear people around you say it complimenting your actions and decisions then watch out your downfall is near; if criticism is all you get from people around you then progressing well be difficult for you. A mix of both compliment and criticism is best for real self assessment. so take occasionally criticism the same way you take compliment

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Taking compliments on board is rather very easy, well alot easier than taking criticism. I’m one to take criticism positively and work on areas of which I’m being criticised for but I find it kinda hard to accept negative criticism especially when the critics have got their info all tangled up and incorrect… that absolutely brings out the not- too- tolerant side of me. I’m learning though how to be more patient in such situations as the latter one and plan to do as the great Hilary Clinton said – if the criticism is false JUST LET IT ROLL OFF YOU! 😁

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