Sola Sobowale

I’m celebrating Sola Sobowale today. An exceptional woman who is a huge inspiration to me. A veteran actress, screenwriter, director and producer.


Sola Sobowale was born on December 26, 1965 in Ondo State, Nigeria. Enrolled in the Unversity of Ibadan’s Department of Music but later switched to Theatre Arts. She joined acting as a member of the Awada Kerikeri Group under the leadership of Adebayo Salami. She made her first film debut in 1992 in the film “Asewo to re Mecca”. She became very popular when she starred in Wale Adenuga’s Super Story where she played the role of Toyin Tomato.


Over the years, she had scripted, co-scripted, directed and produced several Nigerian films. In 2016, she made a major comeback in the movie “Wedding Party” and recently featured in the movie “King of Boys”. Sola Sobowale has received numerous high-profile awards.

She is truly a source of inspiration and a phenomenal woman!

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Have a lovely weekend guys.








4 responses to “Sola Sobowale”


    Sola Shobowale is one of my best actress that i love so so much ever since she did Lagidigba, Ilu Birin, far back then.

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  2. Gbenga L avatar
    Gbenga L

    Sola Sobowale is one actor that plays any role she’s given as if that character is really talk about her in reality. She is also a funny person, she plays every act as if it was going to be her last.
    I love every film she appears in.

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