Betty Irabor

I’m celebrating Betty Irabor today. An amazing woman who is a huge inspiration to me. A writer, columnist, speaker, author, philanthropist, publisher and founder of Genevieve magazine.


Betty Irabor was born on March 25, 1957 in Nigeria. Betty Irabor is the Editor-In-Chief Executive Officer of Genevieve magazine. Prior to establishing Genevieve Magazine in 2003, she had previously worked as a freelance writer for This Day and Vanguard newspapers and contributed a few columns for Black & Beauty magazine UK. She is the host and presenter of Life’s Lessons with Betty Irabor. An author of the self-help book, Dust to Dew.


Betty also has a foundation that promotes breast cancer awareness, early detection and treatment known as Genevieve Pink Ball Foundation. Betty was honoured by Association of Professional, Women Bankers as the most accomplished Female Publisher in Nigeria 2011.

She is truly a source of inspiration and a phenomenal woman!

Please drop your comments below or send an email if you have inspiring stories to share with us here. Thanks.

Have a lovely weekend guys.










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