Angelique Kidjo

I’m celebrating Angelique Kidjo today. An outstanding woman who is a huge inspiration to me. A Beninese singer-songwriter, actress, and activist.


Angelique Kidjo was born July 14, 1960 in Benin. She is noted for her diverse musical and creative musical videos. Time Magazine has called her “Africa’s premier diva”. The BBC has included her in its list of the continent’s 50 most iconic figures, and in 2011 The Guardian listed her as one of their Top 100 Most Inspiring Women in the World. Forbes Magazine has ranked Angelique as the first woman in their list of the Most Powerful Celebrities in Africa.


Three-time Grammy Award winner Angelique Kidjo is one of the greatest artists in international music today. Angelique is the recent recipient of the prestigious 2015 Crystal Award given by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and the 2016 Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award.

As a performer, her striking voice, stage presence and fluency in multiple cultures and languages have won respect from her peers and expanded her following across national borders. Angelique has cross-pollinated the West African traditions of her childhood in Benin with elements of American R&B, funk and jazz, as well as influences from Europe and Latin America.

She is truly a source of inspiration and a phenomenal woman!

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2 responses to “Angelique Kidjo”

  1. Gbenga L avatar
    Gbenga L

    A lady who struggle to achieve her dreams. She has made good a reputation that my movie producers and directors always say “she is a professional to the core and intelligent person and easy to work with”

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