Always Remember!

4 thoughts on “Always Remember!

  1. But O, how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man’s eyes.

    by-William Shakespeare

    Happiness is the oil of life.
    Happiness is not just a smile on the face, your body systems do function better when you’re happy, the feel the Happiness too.
    Happiness is contagious, when you display Happiness you’re fun to work with and you attract people… Happiness can only be given to you by you…
    so go make yourself happy now.

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  2. ‘Don’t worry be happy…’ a line from a popular Indian song I sang growing up.😁
    Even the Bible says: always be happy!
    Are there situations that will warrant your sadness? Yes!
    But remember to dust them all off with time and embrace your happiness.
    Choose happiness overall!😀

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