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Yinka Olukunga-Ademo

I’m celebrating Yinka Olukunga-Ademo, nollywood actress popularly known as Nnenna following her lead role in Wale Adenuga’s production, “Nnenna and Friends”. I admire this amazing woman and she inspires me greatly.


A Lagos State University graduate, best known for her numerous children’s TV productions for Wale Adenuga Productions. She has said of her career; “Working with children makes me happy. I share a special bond with them and it brightens my day to see them smile”.


In 2009, Nnenna and Friends made its debut, owing to the huge success of a certain Superstory series captioned; Nnenna, a gift of love. With the objective to inform, educate and entertain children and youths, ‘Nnenna & Friends’ features several segments such as Drama, Interview, Storytelling, Counselling, Music, Arts and Crafts, African Culture and Traditions, Fashion and Tourism and lots more to ensure that there is something for everyone.

“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”- Steve Maraboli

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Have a lovely weekend guys.


By nikkyosblog

My name is Adenike Omotosho. I have an unflinching vigour to inspire other women. I do this by celebrating the lives of phenomenal women around the world.
I believe as a woman I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I want every woman out there to equally realise they are special and wonderful.
I also believe in sharing knowledge to impact my readers cut across gender. Therefore, men would benefit from the other sections on the blog and they could even get motivated by the profiles of the phenomenal women.
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2 replies on “Yinka Olukunga-Ademo”

Yinka has been of a great influence to a lot of youths, may of us watched her grow right before our eyes on TV. she handled challenges as they came and moved on. she’s good with children and adults, she is a likeable person.

Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.


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