Kikelomo Atanda-Owo

I celebrate an amazing woman today. Kikelomo Atanda-Owo is an entrepreneur, founder and managing director of Z-Edge Limited. I admire this amazing woman and she inspires me greatly.

Kikelomo Atanda- Owo is the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Z-Edge Limited. She is an Agile Marketing Communications Executive with diverse capabilities within the marketing, advertising, communication, public relations and client account management. She is a skilled strategic planner, Competitive Analyst, Budget Manager, a Negotiator and Administrator. She previously served as the Vice President (CRM & ACC), Peculiar People’s Management (PPM), Ikoyi Lagos.

Kikelomo is result oriented for heightened return on investment as part of strategies, programs, campaigns and channels of exposure. Mentoring and engaging leader with a proactive and positive management style. With a Bachelors degree in Communication, an MBA from the University of South Wales and awaiting a Masters degree in Social Sciences, International Relations, from Kingston University, It is interesting to say that she is an avid explorer of new business opportunities. Kikelomo is also a co-host of popular breakfast TV show, Your View.

“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”- Steve Maraboli

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2 responses to “Kikelomo Atanda-Owo”

  1. Gbenga L avatar
    Gbenga L

    A great achiever, a lady who takes risk only after a calculated risk assessment shows that she can manage and company and will perform very well as a governor or president of the senator.
    Kikelomo Atanda- Owo business sense is a great example from young ladies to learn from her indisputable world of experience.

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