Bunmi Afuye Solabi

I celebrate an outstanding woman today. A woman who has inspired so many. Bunmi Afuye Solabi is a certified female mechanic, a biologist, a public speaker and an entrepreneur.

Bunmi Afuye Solabi is a trained female mechanic and the CEO of Ladymek Stores. Bunmi Studied Science Lab Tech (Microbiology option) and Biology at the universities of Ilorin and Lagos respectively. Bunmi started her career as a Banker and resigned to follow her passion for cars. Bunmi was a participant at the German-Nigeria Business Forum 2018 and she has been a guest speaker at women conferences across the Nation and beyond.

“As a woman, this job has taught me to find myself. Don’t confine yourself to society rules. If you really want to make an impact, you have to be different. You have to find who you are and what you can do and go for it, irrespective of the challenges and hearsays”. Bunmi Solabi

“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”- Steve Maraboli

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4 responses to “Bunmi Afuye Solabi”

  1. Gbenga L avatar
    Gbenga L

    You will be doing fine like everyone else when you work within the space created by the society for everyone but in other to impact the world someone has to break the rules, I said “break the rules not the law”. Bunmi Afuye Solabi is that type of lady that loves to think out of the box and makes some rules as she progresses and now she is motivating lots of girls and women worldwide.

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  2. Omotoso Babajide Richard avatar
    Omotoso Babajide Richard

    Humans have always faced the issue of Personal Identity, hence Socrates advices ‘man know thyself…’ Amazingly, Bunmi is among the few who has identified and discovered herself despite all the negative societal influences and also being a microbiologist/biologist.
    I see this as a clarion call for all and sundry to discover ‘self’, it is never too late.

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