Your strength doesn’t come from winning!

Sometimes life is hard and you can’t control the situation but you can control how you react to it.






4 responses to “Your strength doesn’t come from winning!”

  1. Gbenga L avatar
    Gbenga L

    Life is what you’ve designed it to be knowingly or unknowingly. It’s hard because you have taken it too serious that it keeps you from thanking God for the things that makes you happy. A lot of people what’s to have everything of the world in their life but don’t blame them for it’s only a few person’s who know that you don’t need billions of dollars to be happy.
    Happiness is an integral part of life and for life not to be hard, make it possible for some hungry ( poverty ) to feed three times day, create life substantially comfortable for some destitute around you and life will be known to be very easy for you.

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  2. Omotoso Babajide Richard avatar
    Omotoso Babajide Richard

    If everytime, it’s successes and wins, then it isn’t worth it!
    There’s something failure does, it builds resilience. Resilience nurtures the inner man.
    When the inner man is well nurtured, it supplies the inner strength. The inner man propels you on until you hit the goal.
    In cases when you don’t hit the goal, you are at peace because your inner man is strengthened.
    Whenever you hit the goal, you appreciate what failure is and respect those who are failing!

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