An increased rate of domestic violence due to the present lockdown!

Domestic violence or abuse is also known as Family Violence. This involves any form of cruelty at home meted out against usually women, children and sometimes men.

It could be in the form of physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, reproductive and sexual abuse which can range from subtle, coercive forms to marital rape and to violent physical abuse.

We must realise that some families have been able to avoid domestic/family violence because they do not spend enough time together, all thanks to their very busy schedules at work. Although perpetrators of domestic violence may still act up even with little time spent together.

Hence this Lockdown period due to Covid-19 has recorded an increased rate of domestic violence according to the United Nations.

United Nations Secretary General – Antonio Guterres has urged governments of various countries as part of measures to tackle Covid-19 to put into place systems or ways for victims to seek support and report abuse cases without alerting their abusers.

Guterres said “violence is not confined to the battlefield. For many women and girls, the threat looms largest where they should be safest – in their own homes,” he said, appealing for peace in homes around the world.

He continues “we know lockdowns and quarantines are essential to suppressing Covid-19, but they can trap women with abusive partners.”

Hence governments and the relevant authorities must protect victims of domestic violence while encouraging them to report cases of abuse. It is important that everyone is safe during this lockdown. Indeed safety of lives should transcend the lockdown period.






10 responses to “An increased rate of domestic violence due to the present lockdown!”

  1. Bolanle Afariogun avatar
    Bolanle Afariogun

    This is a very delicate and important topic which should be discussed ! And yes I agree Govt is busy tackling a deadly virus but also not ignore that people can also die from other causes which sadly can be “domestic violence “
    This lockdown is a big catalyst sadly also … but women affected should speak up even if you think you will be judged ..
    It has happened and still happening to the very brilliant women out there so nice work sis let’s keep spreading the word ..

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      That’s right 👌👍
      Thanks for your comment sis 💕


  2. Gbenga L avatar
    Gbenga L

    Domestic violence or abuse under this lockdown won’t go away just because we say it’s a wrong action to do. We can create a schedule of things ( games, movies, liesure times, prayer times, reading & teaching from religious books, family discussion time, participate in cooking, etc ), all members having to play a rotational role in every event.
    No one has the right to inconvenience or beat their partner and beating never solved any problem so talk about that which you think is you and come to an agreement because just that you think it a derogative word doesn’t make it so.

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Thanks for your comment 👍💕


  3. Omotoso Babajide Richard avatar
    Omotoso Babajide Richard

    It becomes extremely worrisome when homes where we are supposed to be safe at or kept in to prevent exposure to the much dreaded virus becomes as lethal as a lion’s den.
    Victims of abuse should please talk to someone and the right authorities about it. You deserve your safety and happiness.

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      That’s right 👌👍
      Thanks for your comment Richie 💕


  4. Aanu Etukumoh avatar

    We find ourselves in a world where two women on average are killed each week by their current or former partner !! What concerns me more is the impact on children whether the abuser is the man or the woman . The children grow up to think violence is ok or worse case are left motherless or fatherless !
    During this lockdown period let’s virtually look out for one another and make sure no one is suffering from domestic violence in silence

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      That’s right 👍 Thanks for your comment Aanu 💕



    Yes is a good topic to be discussed during this time. This time of this epidemic, is only God intervention that homes can get through it. Call God almighty at all times and pray without seasons. God will answer us. God bless.

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Amen 🙏 Thanks for your comment mum 💋💕


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