Evolve! Be confident but not rude or arrogant – Sola Allyson

Today on Nikkyosblog, we are chatting with an exclusive songstress who won the 2018 edition of the City People Music Special Recognition Award. She is a Nigerian songwriter, soul, folk and gospel singer who has been in the spotlight since the release of her iconic albums ‘Eji Owuro’, ‘Gbeje F’ori’, amongst others and she still sparkles to date. She is also a voice coach, counsellor and consultant.
Sola Allyson-Obaniyi talks about her music career, her source of motivation and more.

1.What was growing up like for you?

Growing up was difficult. I grew up with many questions that had no answers and I had to find out for myself which put me in many difficult situations, having to be my own caregiver and guide.

2. You have worked with a good number of musicians, how will you describe the experience?

I enjoyed and learnt a lot working with different musicians in various genres when I was a professional backup singer. The experience added to the knowledge I’d garnered over the years that stands me out in the path I chose.

3. You sing with a unique voice when compared to other singers’, was it developed over time or it’s just natural?

I don’t “sing with a unique voice”, rather, I have a unique voice which I grew up to own and harness aright. It is natural but I am a trained singer. I studied Music in school, The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

4. Your songs are lyrical and often poetic, what inspires such poetic lines?

Questions in my heart to which I’ve received answers from The Spirit over my life’s seasons. My experiences of GOD’S kindness I have received and still receiving over the years. The strength and help I had been held by during my life’s challenges. Everything I had learnt/still learning and know/still knowing about life and what life is.

5. What’s your typical day like? 

Carrying out my task as a Woman, Wife and Mother, which takes most of the time in the day. Meditating on The Word of GOD so it could be beyond letters and written on my heart. Being with my family. When there’s work to be done on the schedule, I do it.

6. Your genre of music cuts across folk, soul and gospel, did you start the three at the same time or there was a transition from one to the other?

I am a Singer who is less concerned about classification of my music. I choose to concentrate on the effect of my music and life, on those in my sphere of influence rather than focusing on human system which are open to errors.

7. How do you motivate yourself and stay motivated?

I motivate myself and stay motivated by focusing on the faithfulness of my Maker, GOD, The Almighty, that I’ve come to KNOW through my journeys; the conviction that all things work together for my good.

8. What woman inspires you?

Every Woman who is real, authentic and unapologetic about who she is but continually grows, gets better, evolving daily into living in the Will of GOD and blessing humanity. Every Woman who does this, regardless of who they are and what they do, whatever class or level they’re in, I’m encouraged and inspired by.

9. What major challenge have you faced in the music industry?

Challenges are not peculiar to the music industry alone. Challenges are a part of life, inevitable. With this knowledge, I do not keep record of whatever difficult things I’ve experienced. Whoever we are, whatever we do, challenges are there and would come. All I’ve passed through makes the Woman I am today and I am proud of myself as I am always immensely grateful for Help from Above to stand through.

10.  Do you have a mentor and what influence has he/she had on you?

I have met and encountered a lot of people, men and women, older and younger, who have influenced and were examples of the kind of life I see in my heart. And as I mentioned before, everyone who is real, authentic and unapologetic about who they are and always getting better and evolving into GOD’S mind would be a “mentor” to me even without them knowing or making some drama out of it.

11. Was there ever a time you thought of quitting music to pursue another career?

No. I have always been a musician. Every other thing I’d done had been just “extra”, music has always been my basic and safe place.

12. How do you balance your work schedules with other life responsibilities?

The order that I know and live by is being a Woman, Wife, Mother and Minstrel. That is the way my scale of preference for my life is drawn. And I work towards achieving that, no matter how stressful work is. Everyone can do what they want to do and deem important. So, the order of my life’s responsibilities is always on my heart and I work towards achieving it.

13. What is your word of advice for the young girls, women and our readers?

Find and be you. Be real. Be authentic. Be unapologetic. You are enough. Grow. Get better. Evolve. Be confident but not rude or arrogant, there’s a thin line in-between. Be soft, be hard, have different areas of you because life would demand different sides for different seasons and we must live ready.

Nikkyosblog specially appreciates Sola Allyson for her time and for sharing a lot with us in this session.
You can follow her on Instagram @thesolaallyson

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16 responses to “Evolve! Be confident but not rude or arrogant – Sola Allyson”

  1. Gbenga L avatar
    Gbenga L

    Sola Allyson, is a knowing and a doing woman.

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Thank you 💕


  2. Ayowale Oyewole avatar
    Ayowale Oyewole

    Yeah sola Allyson is a well known to reckon…..thanks for bringing her ma’am……key point today:we need to be real ,be confident and not been rude or arrogant.More grease to your elbow nikky.💪👍💗💖

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Thank you Ayo 👍💕


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    Oyewole gbolahan

    Thanks for bringing her..

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      Thank you 💕


  4. Oyewole jide avatar
    Oyewole jide

    Madam Sola Allyson.. I have always admired her kind of music and message it passes. She’s one of those that make u feel being famous it’s not about loosing your value as an African. You can keep the values intact and still be successful. Thanks for engaging her in such beautiful conversation Nikky

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Thank you Jide 👍💕


  5. Nikky avatar

    Very interesting, keep up the good work, more grease to your elbows

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      Thank you Nikky 👍💕


  6. Map195 avatar

    well written

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      Thank you 💕

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  7. Capt. Omotee. avatar
    Capt. Omotee.

    Good and an interesting Interview. The Title itself is apt and I hope People will imbibe it. God bless Madam Allyson and bless Nikkyosblog.

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Amen 🙏 Thanks Dad 🥰💕


  8. Omotoso Babajide Richard avatar
    Omotoso Babajide Richard

    I have known Sola Allyson to be an adorable person ever since the release of her debut album ‘Eji Owuro’ and she hasn’t dropped the bar ever after. She’s also very real and confident. Well done Nikkyosblog and thanks for bringing her!

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Thank you Richard 👍💕


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