Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The phrase ‘Domestic Violence’ does not only mean physical abuse, it also includes psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and financial abuse. No one deserves to be subjected to such victimisation in any kind of relationship. Walk away from such relationships. You have nothing to be ashamed of. The abuse you suffered is not your fault and you didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

People who have experienced domestic violence are at a significantly higher risk of experiencing mental health conditions. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please speak up! You are not alone. You can reach out to your loved ones, mental health professionals, domestic violence resource centres etc. I stand in accord with every survivor of Domestic violence and also honouring the memory of the beautiful lives that were taken by their abuser.






2 responses to “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

  1. Gbenga L avatar
    Gbenga L

    Stop the violence on women..
    Stop violence on children…
    Stop domestic violence…
    Solve problems with your negotiation skills and love.
    A matured marriage is when yesterday’s quarrel doesn’t affect today’s communication… This kind of relationship will last long.

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