It is so true that man proposes but God disposes!

We are this close to saying goodbye to another year. Well, 2020 has been a tough year! We experienced things we never imagined we would in our life time. I’m sure we all had our plans at the beginning of the year but offcourse 2020 had its own plans but despite all the tension, I’m grateful for my family, my dear friends, my health and I’m also grateful that I’m still here, Glory be to God Almighty 🙌
I learnt a lot during this pandemic, most importantly to take life day by day, It is so true that man proposes but God disposes!
“A man’s heart deviseth his ways: but the Lord directeth his steps” (Proverbs 16 vs 9). Only God knows the end from the beginning!

I’m also grateful for the little things. You just need to be grateful for your current situation. Remember some people are praying to be in that position.
When I pause & review my life,  I have countless reasons to smile. This year was also a year of growth for me, some of my dreams came true and I’m really excited about that. Also, I will like to appreciate you all for always visiting nikkyosblog! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ and as we approach the new year, I wish us great moments. I wish us God’s full protection, to usher us into the new year, in peace. Amen.






2 responses to “It is so true that man proposes but God disposes!”

  1. Capt. Omotee avatar
    Capt. Omotee

    Happy Christmas and a very prosperous New year. Yes o ; Man proposes but God disposes. Only God Almighty knows the end from the beginning. Therefore, it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but of God Almighty that showeth mercy. Romans 9 Vs 16. Thanks and God bless.

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Happy New Year Dad 🥰❤


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