Marriage is a beautiful thing, however marriage is not a do or die affair!

A lot of women are afraid to be tagged “a divorcee”

Marriage is a beautiful thing, however marriage is not a do or die affair and I’m against violence in any form. “Domestic Violence” does not only mean physical abuse, it also includes psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse. I have realised that women stay in bad marriages because of the society’s expectations placed upon women. I will say this here, It is better being divorced than to stay in a traumatic and abusive relationship.

Some women will tell you that they can’t leave a toxic marriage because they don’t have the financial capability to stand on their own…

Some women will tell you they can’t leave a toxic marriage because of their children. It is traumatic for a child to see their parents fighting all the time. Staying in an unhealthy relationship is more harmful to the children. Why play pretend in a dysfunctional home.

Some women will tell you that, they can’t leave a toxic marriage because they feel trapped by moral and societal standards…

A lot of women are afraid to be tagged “a divorcee”. All of this won’t matter when you’re dead…the same society will write RIP. Sometimes we refuse to see how bad something is until it completely destroy us.

Women and Men in violent relationships,Β  I beg you to Leave so that you can LIVE. It’s better to walk out alive and sane than to loose your mind or die in a toxic relationship/marriage.

Some people in emotional abuse marriages have become a shadow of themselves. Staying in a toxic marriage or relationship will slowly or quickly snuff the life out of you.

A toxic relationship contaminates your self esteem and your happiness. You are damaging yourself more by staying  in a toxic relationship. Being alone may scare you, but staying in a bad relationship will damage you. There is hope after divorce. There is hope as a single mom.

By nikkyosblog

My name is Adenike Omotosho. I have an unflinching vigour to inspire other women. I do this by celebrating the lives of phenomenal women around the world.
I believe as a woman I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I want every woman out there to equally realise they are special and wonderful.
I also believe in sharing knowledge to impact my readers cut across gender. Therefore, men would benefit from the other sections on the blog and they could even get motivated by the profiles of the phenomenal women.
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22 replies on “Marriage is a beautiful thing, however marriage is not a do or die affair!”

Beautiful write up! I absolutely agree with you on domestic violence. People will always have something to say. So it is better to just live your life without thinking about people.

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Reading this just brightened up my day. Thank you for this beautiful write up πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ Please how can I send you a message privately?

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It’s not the duty of a wife to change the character of her husband ( abusive relationship), someone who’s abusive in courtship will only become a terrorist husband should you marry him. A battering husband is only a seconds away from becoming a murderer so don’t fool around in thinking he will change, keep-off befriending or marrying such a person or get out of such a union

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Thank you for this…sadly brilliant, intellectual with prospects still thinks this way ..thank you Nikky for this write up ! The truth needs to be reinforced πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

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She knew her husbands character (his being promiscuous with different women) before marrying him and maybe she though she could change him after marriage(which is not mostly possible )
Many women are not that lucky to meet a man that shows his true colors from the beginning , most meet men that change colors after marriage.

Not really changing colors in the real sense but reverting to original state after pretence.

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