Migraine Awareness Week

Every year, the United Kingdom observes Migraine Awareness Week in the first week of September. This year, it will be observed from September 5 to 14. Migraines are mistakenly understood as severe headaches, but they are so much more than that. Migraines are actually a debilitating neurological disease. Even though migraines are a common headache disorder, they remain poorly understood and neglected. 

Apart from inheriting the condition, some people can also get migraines through specific triggers. Interestingly, one can develop migraine at any stage in their life. Migraines come without a warning and can be crippling. This is the main reason for an urgent need to diagnose and treat migraines correctly. It also helps patients to identify their migraine triggers and avoid these triggers as best as they can.

Check out this link (https://nationaltoday.com/migraine-awareness-week/) to read more about the history of migraine awareness.






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