The Hardworking Woman!

Dear woman,

I see you when you make those moves.

I hear you cry when they don’t go as planned.

I see you toast to life when you get that alert.

I see you fall and how you pick yourself up; like it never happened.

You keep the home safe, and you sometimes get bashed for that one mistake.

Your work ethics are fire! Even without no energy drink.

It’s okay to fail.

It’s okay to win some and lose some.

All that matters is that, you’re hardworking.

One day! They’ll get to understand, why you’re the hardworking woman…






5 responses to “The Hardworking Woman!”

  1. Abednego. avatar

    This is so good!!!

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  2. Jasmin olubori avatar
    Jasmin olubori

    Let goo💃💃💃, I like it

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  3.  avatar

    Beautiful piece.

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  4. Kemitare avatar

    Here’s to all the hard working ladies!

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