World Heart Day ❤

The heart is the only organ you can hear and feel. It is the first and last sign of life.

World Heart Day is celebrated every year. It was created by the World Heart Federation. According to the World Heart Federation, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the primary cause of death on the planet and the causes range from ‘smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, and to air pollution.

This year on World Heart Day, we’re asking the world to: ‘USE HEART FOR EVERY HEART’. AS Per World Heart Federation, it means:

Use Heart means to think differently. To make the right decisions. To act with courage. To help others. To engage with this important cause. The heart is the only organ you can hear and feel. It is the first and last sign of life. It is one of the few things with the potential to unite all of us as people.

For Every Heart involves the use of ‘For’ and swings the focus from the actions themselves to the beneficiaries of the actions.

World Heart Day 2022 has special significance due to the rising cases of cardiac ailments and conditions among the youth. This is due to a variety of factors, including lifestyle disorders, stress, lack of or increase in physical activity, smoking and drinking and so on.

Please be more attentive to your heart health. It’s the only one you have! 

Please check out this link ( to learn more.

By nikkyosblog

My name is Adenike Omotosho. I have an unflinching vigour to inspire other women. I do this by celebrating the lives of phenomenal women around the world.
I believe as a woman I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I want every woman out there to equally realise they are special and wonderful.
I also believe in sharing knowledge to impact my readers cut across gender. Therefore, men would benefit from the other sections on the blog and they could even get motivated by the profiles of the phenomenal women.
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