The puzzle of spotting a beautiful woman even in blindness

Written by Abednego Noris

Oct 12, 2022, 8:00 AM

“I start by keeping my mind focused on her inner beauty.” Daman tells me…

Being a blind person, is one of the hardest issues to come to terms with…

For me, I have lived with been blind almost all my life.

For some other persons, they lost their sight along the way.

My very good friend Tomi Waziri; lost his sight to an armed robbery attack in 2019. not so many people get lucky like him; to have met his then girlfriend; now wife.

The special parcel he would always cherish, is the fact that, he has known his wife, for almost 16 years and counting.

So, spotting the beauty of a woman, is something he never had to worry about. compared to some of the persons I spoke to, Like Daman…

It’s a Sunday morning when I decide to start up the interview that would give people a better insight into how persons with blindness/visual impairment know a beautiful lady/woman when they see one. Or decide to go into a relationship or, even marriage. As well as being playboys.

I started the discussion with Daman.

How do you know a beautiful woman when you come across one?

“This is a difficult question.” Laughs.

I go further to tell him it’s an article we’re putting out this month…

“For me, I start by identifying her inner beauty.”

You are meeting this person for the first time; how do you identify that? I ask.

“The personality of the lady plays a huge role in how I see her.

How do we converse. Is it going well? I also see if we’ve both got big energy, while trying to know you…

Even for a sighted person, the physical beauty could be all for them! But, for me; it goes beyond that.”

For visually impaired persons, intelligence and brilliance is like food to their souls. Especially when you can pick their brain in positive ways.

He takes me next to the physical attributes of his method of knowing if a lady is beautiful.

“There’s a way her body is structured, and I can already feel that she is beautiful.”

When you say body, do you get to feel her all over?

“Hee hee! No o! That’s not it at all!

I start by feeling her palms.

The texture tells me a lot.

It gives me an idea of how smooth or rough her skin is.”

“If you do meet a friendly person, like I often do, you feel her shoulders next.

Or maybe even get a hug. That way, I get to know how her posture is. As well as, the smoothness or rough parts.”

He shares with me, how he sometimes gets an opportunity to feel her waist. Hence, giving him an idea of how her butt may be like in size.

I know this is correct on, at least 97%.

For visually impaired persons, the hugs also signify how they size you up in front…

It’s not because of taking advantage. It is as though; it is a chance to get to feel, since there is no sight.

“For me, when it gets to a better part of the conversation, I get opportunities to feel faces. I might not get the chance all the time. So, I rather ask for permission to know if they’re putting on earrings; and that gives me a slight opportunity to feel the face of the lady.” Daman adds.

You do know that it’s possible to find all of these your criteria and you might have exaggerated her beauty? I ask him,

“No! It’s not easily going to happen. I look out for her fluffy cheeks too.”

We both laugh at this his joke for few seconds.

“Trust me, even if it’s not so accurate, I need you to know that it is a picture painting that’s playing out here.”

For visually impaired persons, they enjoy painting their own picture of you, even before giving their pals a chance to pass a verdict on the lady.

Not to worry, it is to also tell you that, these men know what they want, regardless.

Daman Ojo, runs a band alongside his other visually impaired friends.

For him, this is his way of making some money for his friends. And they are positive about the growth.

I ask him about how often ladies are on his case like Teni. Laughs.

He says, “I am not an afro pop artiste. So, I do not get too many girls around me.

When I do, they just admire my works. And how amazing it is…

It still doesn’t change the fact that, when I meet ladies; I don’t fail to use my above tips.”

I speak to Tomi Waziri. And just like I had stated in the beginning of this interview, my fears are confirmed.

“When I meet ladies, I no longer look out for any other thing. It’s the voice that I keep in mind first.

I form my ideas of how you look, just from that.

If you’ve got a baritone voice; I already feel you have got beereds.”

I speak to another married man. And for him, he says it’s the voice that does it all.

Then, a kind heart makes the plus for you.

“It’s the voice that we spot first.” Mr. Taiwo Amao tells me on one of our chats.

I remember in 2021 December, when I had taken my friend to a function for some visually impaired persons.

And when she spoke, about two men simultaneously asked, who she was.

This confirmed my suspicions about how important the role female voices play in spotting a beautiful lady.

Let me also state that, there’s also the importance of been a kind-hearted person.

Best believe that after now, you won’t be shocked, when a visually impaired guy/man approaches you…

Abednego Jacob AKA. Abednego Noris; is a singer, songwriter, broadcaster and the First Blind African Rapper. Amongst many other of his talents. He is a person with disability (blind) who believes in equality for all and proper advocacy for persons with disability. Abednego strongly believes that everyone’s voice must be heard regardless of their disabilities. You can follow Abednego on Instagram @abednego_noris

Nikkyosblog specially appreciates Daman Ojo and Tomi Waziri for their time. Thanks for sharing a lot with us in this session.

You can follow Daman Ojo on Instagram @damanojo

You can follow Tomi Waziri on Instagram @tomi_waziri

All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, broadcast, written, published, or distributed in full or in parts, without the written permission from Nikkyosblog.






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    Jeff Johnson

    Knowing Abednego over the last few weeks has thought me that nothing stops a man but himself. Thank you for this piece.

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    Wow this is very insightful and very well written💕

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    Joseph Omon A

    This goes to shows the beauty of God’s perfection, its amazing when I read articles that gets to tell the uniqueness in every set of human beings. Keep up the good work Abednego.

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    Omowunmi olorunleke

    Wow educating and intresting

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    This is really amazing

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    Keep it up bro

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    Haha…that was definitely an insightful and interesting post

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    Daman ojo

    Nice job bro.

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    Daman ojo

    Nice job bro.


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    Oftenly true but enlightening. Big ups dudes

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    Interesting points to Note…

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