Love Is Never Pain

He’s a weak man
She’d loved him too quickly
She stoops and stops for him always
And yet he mouths off?
He wants respect
Claims he deserves it.
How are you never enough and still want more?
I’m a lady, I hit him because he made me mad.
Well, he wouldn’t hit back cos he knows better!
He needs reminding
I deserve respect.
Why wouldn’t he just stay humble
when everything else about him is less than humiliating?

He is only human
but she would test the patience of an angel.
He didn’t mean to hit her
She never knows her place.
A man has his pride
She seeks only ways to trample on his.
And lord knows he tries.
It wasn’t in his nature to be unkind
But what would you expect from an unnurtured nature?
It was alright to be right when she is not.
Her rights are gifts of his benevolence.
A gracious benefactor, she lives plentifully through him.
Why bother to be anything but fashioned after his passion?
He is ‘lord, owner, and nurturer.’
And Lord knows he is gracious!

The trauma is not you,
The past was never meant for the present
Neither does the one held down by it.

Redemption, healing, and hope live only in being present
in the presence of a longing for life
a life lived for self then selflessly
in the security of the loving and loved.
Love is never pain.






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