For the Unbreakable and Unfazed

Dearest friend,

It crossed my mind that you might be going through a lot. I understand that sometimes you feel like the walls are closing in on you. It may sometimes appear that your world is coming to a halt. You get this depressing feeling that the universe is never on your side.

Well, I am here to lift your spirits!

Recognize that

  • You are adored!

 You have a host of teeming fans and admirers who are without any doubt in awe of you.

  • You are extraordinary!

Everything you do is bound to be great if you stick with it. You are everything the world needs to make a difference. You are one of the only kind there is.

  • You deserve to be loved…

The people who matter the most are those who understand that you are the best thing ever to happen to them. You are every bit lovable and desirable, and you do not need any form of validation. Love was made for you. You are not your past. Your future is written in gold, and you can be whatever you want to be.

  • You will emerge victorious once more!

It is not over until you stop. Rest assured that there are a lot more victories ahead. All your pain and failures pail to the joys your victories will usher in.

  • It doesn’t matter how you got into the situation you are in at the moment.

No, it doesn’t. You are going to come out of it stronger and better than you have ever been.

May the stars align in your favor.


Nikky O.






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