Independent Woman: Starting a Small Business. -Pt.2

This article is the second part of the first in a series that will focus on making you tap into every aspect of your femaleness in building a successful, complete, independent woman.

It can be challenging to start any new project, and doing so can be stressful and uncertain. Planning out each step of the process improves your chances significantly. For advice on starting your own business, read this article and its companion (if you missed the first part, it has the same title). Read it thoroughly and keep a copy close at hand in case you need to use it.

  1. Utilize Technology To Your Advantage

There are many ways you can increase profits and save money thanks to technology.

Consider this:

  • Sell through a variety of online channels to increase your market.
  • Instead of spending more money on expensive electronic or print advertising, use email marketing, and direct messaging.
  • Utilize the internet to find inspiration from other business owners and prosperous executives.
  • Use the appropriate hashtags on your posts and optimize your website for search engines to keep your content at the top of your customers’ searches.
  • Make low-cost marketing tools like podcasts, IGTVs, or webinars and distribute them via your website and social media channels.
  • Create an online customer loyalty program that provides sales, discounts, referral bonuses, and coupons in advance.

2. Get Out There And Meet New People.

Consider joining a professional association to gain access to other people’s ideas, whether it be a local organization where you can interact with people in person or even an online community.

  • Attend and plan meet-and-greet events.
  • Attend seminars and business programs.
  • By all means, network with others to share ideas and contacts.

Bottom Line:

  • There are unique benefits associated with starting a business in a tough economy.
  • You can lay the groundwork for long-term business success if you do your homework, think strategically, and take advantage of every opportunity to reduce costs while increasing the value you provide to customers.

May you find success where many have failed!

NB: Tailor each piece of advice given here to your unique situation.

Watch out for the next article, as well as every piece in the Independent Woman series.

Thank you for your time.

Have a wonderful day.







2 responses to “Independent Woman: Starting a Small Business. -Pt.2”

  1. Ayowale Jinadu oyewole avatar
    Ayowale Jinadu oyewole

    This is so helpful Nikky.May God continue to uphold the good work you do.

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    1. nikkyosblog avatar

      Thank you, Ayowale 🤗


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