Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

Of Love: Of Deep Purple and Magenta

Mon cher,

I can feel your tiny hands around me,

the snuggle against me

pulling me out from blissful sleep

the kiss on the cheek as my eyes open

to the excited gaze

of the most beautiful eyes

on the loveliest face.

I am grateful every day for the gift of you

The depth of the bond and love for everything you

As deep as the ocean.

The innocence and resonance

The love unsought, untapped and untamed

Of Love: of deep purple and magenta.

Mon Rocher,

I could never thank you enough

I am not the easiest to love

The strongwilled independence seeking me

the arrogance, the back-talking

the thoughtless seeking and acting

Your devotion and love unfading

as it is unyielding and untiring.

Your words and the actions

the examples I can’t ignore

The strength of your patient compassion

Of Love: of deep purple and magenta.

Mon Soleil,

Waking up next to you.

The smell of your perfect skin.

The sight of your beautiful face

wrapped in gentle sleep

Your warmth and feel etched in my thoughts

The feel of your arms around me

You have told me words and done me deeds

beautiful for words, selfless indeed.

I am safe with you I know I am

The flowers are lovely, the cake too.

Your kisses I feel deep within

Where the butterflies escape from

Where my heart leaps from

The strength of your support,

your humility and patience.

Of Love: of deep purple and magenta.

I wish you a Happy Valentines day celebration. May you feel the warmth of love 💕






2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day ❤”

  1. Jeff Johnson avatar
    Jeff Johnson

    Awwwwwnnnnn. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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