Independent Woman: How To Successfully Take An Online Course Pt. 2

This is the final instalment of the second article in a series aimed at helping you tap into every aspect of your femaleness in order to become a successful, complete, and independent woman.

Any new endeavour is often difficult to begin, causes anxiety, and is fraught with uncertainty. If you want to be a self-sufficient woman who takes charge, you must invest in your professional and personal development. In order to do this, you would need to take both offline and online professional courses and certification exams.

It can be challenging to enrol in courses on your own and hold yourself responsible for finishing them. How can you accomplish your goals while learning at your own pace?

Read this article and its companion (if you missed the first part, it has the same title) for useful tips on taking an online course successfully.

Make sure to read it completely and keep a copy on hand in case you need it.

1.     Actively take notes

Taking notes can prolong your focus, enhance comprehension, and promote critical thinking. Whether you are taking the course online or not, internalizing knowledge is always a smart move.

So, to begin,

  • summarize key points in a notebook
  • or use a digital app that suits you best.

2.     Discuss What You’re Learning with Others Who Share Your Interests

Participate in forums where discussions about your area of interest are taking place. Share your ideas, write a blog post, ask questions, find mentors, make friends, and be a friend. 

3.     Do one thing at a time.

Focusing on one task at a time is more effective than multitasking.

You’ll be more productive if you focus on finishing one task at a time rather than trying to complete several at once. You’ll also be able to complete assignments more quickly and retain more information.

4.     Take breaks

It is crucial to give your brain a break after learning something new. If you’ve been working on a difficult problem for an hour with little progress, you should take a break.

You might find the Pomodoro technique useful (keep an eye out for our article on it!).

Taking a break from the task can help you re-energize and even give you new ideas for tackling it.

NB: Each piece of advice given here should be tailored to your specific situation.

Live with purpose.

Let go of the old, embrace the new.

Thank you for your time.

Have a wonderful day.






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